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How to Make a Hollowed Out Book e-Reader Cover or Safe

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The following project will take you from having an old, unwanted book to having a great holder for valuables. This project makes an e-reader cover that doubles as it’s own inconspicuous hiding spot. It could be easily modified for hiding valuables in your car or home.
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Wild birds talking!

September 27, 2011 Leave a comment

Wild birds talking! – ABC WA – Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Naturalists in Australia are reporting that wild cockatoos are producing human speech. The audio file is an interview with Martyn Robinson, a scientist from the Australian Museum. He discusses the reason behind the wild birds using human speech. Seems that pet birds escape and if they live long enough to move up the pecking order of a flock, the younger birds will mimic the speech of the older bird.

It’s well documented that mimicking birds like ravens, mockingbirds, and others have picked up sounds from the human environment and incorporated them into their calls. This includes car alarms, cell phones ringing, honking car horns, and the like. But finding wild birds mimicking human speech in the wild is something new.

Brave Duck

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It’s worth letting this animated GIF fully load. :: funny animated gif.

Best SlingShot Man Ever! – YouTube

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Er, I think that was mine… But thanks for saving me the work.

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Badly Stuffed Animals: The Worst Taxidermy Mounts from Facebook | Outdoor Life

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BBC News – Bird imprints

July 16, 2011 Leave a comment

BBC News – Bird imprints: Your pictures.

The link above will take you to a series of photos. There’s no blood, no gore and it is safe for work. But what it is are photos of where birds have left ghostly imprints after flying into windows.



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