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Animal Communication. Could Ducks Be Talking About Your Bad Call?

October 28, 2010 1 comment


Before you call a duck, make sure you know what you're saying.



NPRs podcast, Radiolab, ran a recent show discussing the complexities of animal communication.  In the last decade it’s been discovered that animals are saying intricate, specific things.  Just because we don’t understand their language, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t using language to discuss shapes and colors, and discussing animals.

The podcast specifically talks about monkeys talking to each other and prairie dogs discussing shapes & people.  In fact research is showing that prairie dogs are the word-smiths of the animal kingdom.

The podcast at Radiolab, ‘Wild Talk’, can be found here.

After listening to it you’ll probably want to practice your duck calls.  Just remember to practice “happy ducks”.  Even ducks won’t want to hang out with complainers.



In the hunt: Women are taking up guns and bows in growing numbers | Go Green! News

October 12, 2010 Leave a comment

In the hunt: Women are taking up guns and bows in growing numbers | Go Green! News.

The article above is a good read for anyone wondering about duck hunting.  It not only speaks about the increasing number of female hunters in general, but discusses what a beginner to the sport of duck hunting might encounter.  One aspect of the article I enjoyed was the observation that the sport is as much about being out in the wilderness as it is about the actual hunt.

Another thing you’ll notice in the article is the discussion of the rules and regulations that a duck hunter observes during the hunting season.  Hunting is not a video game where shot is mindlessly peppered in every direction.   I’ve written about it before.  All of the hunters I’ve ever known will only take a shot if its the right animal — species, gender, age, etc.  They obey the rules.

Training & Hunting Your Dog in Extreme Weather

September 2, 2010 Leave a comment

Today's dog was bred without an off switch. Be careful that they don't get heat stroke when working in extreme heat.

Duckhill Digest has a good article about having your dog out working in extreme weather.  There is good information here about how to keep your dog safe when working in the heat.  Find more at the link below.

DuckHill Digest – August 23, 2010 – Digest 29.

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