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Wetlands for Tomorrow Campaign :: Ducks Unlimited’s Initiative Has Done Much But Is Looking to Do More

March 12, 2011 Leave a comment

If you haven’t seen the following in your email inbox, please take the moment to look at it here. Ducks Unlimited’s Wetlands for Tomorrow Campaign is doing great things, and its because of the work of volunteers, supporters, and contributors like you.

Dear Ducks Unlimited Supporter,

Thank you. You answered the call and stood up for waterfowl, for our waterfowling tradition, for our legacy to future generations.

During the seven-year Wetlands for Tomorrow campaign, we raised an amazing $1.88 billion, all for the world of waterfowl and wetlands conservation. With this support from people like you, 2 million acres have been conserved, more than 4,865 projects have been completed and our scientists have led well over 100 different research studies to understand the challenges that lay ahead.

Watch our Conservation Highlights video to see the range and scope of the work that your support makes possible. Join us to hear Jim Kennedy, former president of Wetlands America Trust and lifelong champion for Ducks Unlimited, as he kicked off the largest and now most successful campaign in conservation history.

Your investment has helped expand Ducks Unlimited’s conservation efforts in some of the following areas:

• Protection of the Duck Factory — Thousands of acres of seasonal wetlands and native grasslands have been protected, ensuring the future of North America’s most important waterfowl breeding area.

• Restoration of the Gulf of Mexico — With your help we worked to restore and protect the marshes and bays of the Gulf of Mexico.

• Positive public policies to benefit waterfowl prevailed — Philanthropists like you made the call to Washington to support smart legislation for wetlands.

From the grasslands and oceans to the rivers and lakes, you made the difference. Thank you for answering the call. Thank you for taking a stand to protect our irreplaceable natural treasures.

You are one of a million supporters, a strong force for nature. Today our wetlands face new pressures – looming federal budget cuts that would adversely affect all of us who care about, and have funded, wetlands and waterfowl conservation. As conservationists we will continue to answer every call to do the critical work that will protect our vanishing wetlands. With your steadfast support, I have every confidence we will continue to succeed.

Thank you for making Wetlands for Tomorrow a triumph for Ducks Unlimited!

Sincerely yours,

Jim West
Chief Fundraising Officer

On behalf of Chittenango Creek Chapter of Ducks Unlimited, thank you for what you’ve done thus far. We look forward to doing even more in the coming months and years.




Indications Are That The Gulf Oil Spill Did Not Affect Marshes & Ducks

November 21, 2010 Leave a comment

“We dodged a bullet” – Springfield, IL – The State Journal-Register.

I’ve read several reports that the Gulf Oil Spill did not affect certain habitats as badly as first predicted.  In fact duck hunting season in Louisiana appears to be taking place without a hitch, and without the oily birds that were once worried about.  Many, however, want to take a wait and see approach.  It might take several seasons before the full affects of the spill are realized.

Much Oil Remains in Gulf, Researchers Estimate –

August 16, 2010 Leave a comment

Much Oil Remains in Gulf, Researchers Estimate –

Researchers at the University of Georgia say that 79% of the oil that leaked out of the damaged oil well is still in the Gulf of Mexico.  Using the same sketchy information that the government had, they came to a more pessimistic conclusion.  They add that even with dispersants and the burning off of the oil, more than half is still in the waters.

Whoever’s numbers are right, one thing still remains.  The oil that is in the Gulf will be affecting the area for decades to come.

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BP Oil Spill: ‘Mystery Plumber’ May Be Brains Behind Containment Cap – ABC News

August 2, 2010 Leave a comment

BP Oil Spill: ‘Mystery Plumber’ May Be Brains Behind Containment Cap – ABC News.

An interesting read that the guy who first suggested the containment cap that’s been successful was a plumber who refused to give his name.

Oil Containment Cap

Personally, I have my theories as to who this mysterious plumber might be.

Mystery Plumber Saves The Day

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BP gears up for two-phase effort to plug Gulf oil well –

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BP gears up for two-phase effort to plug Gulf oil well –

It will begin with the Static Kill, a slurry of heavy mud & cement pumped through the well cap and down the top of the damaged well.  Then through the relief well the same slurry will be pumped from the bottom up in what is known as the Bottom Kill.

Once the well is killed there’s still work to do.

Locals in Louisiana are worried that once the well is killed, BP will pull out of the area and forget about its obligation to the clean up effort and to the restitution to businesses along the Gulf.  BP assured the media that this won’t be the case.  But time can only tell for sure.

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Oil spill update from the field: Can rice fields help prevent Gulf birds from getting oiled? | Audubon Magazine Blog

July 31, 2010 Leave a comment

Oil spill update from the field: Can rice fields help prevent Gulf birds from getting oiled? | Audubon Magazine Blog.

This blog looks at the importance of rice fields in Louisiana as a food source for migratory birds who winter in the Gulf of Mexico.  Even without the Gulf Oil Spill, wetlands and rice fields are disappearing from Louisiana at an alarming rate.  Every 38 minutes by some estimates a football sized area of wetlands is lost.

Duck-stamp package to benefit Gulf |

July 28, 2010 Leave a comment

Duck-stamp package to benefit Gulf |

A special-edition duck stamp envelope is available now that will raise money to purchase Gulf Coast wetlands to be included in the federal wildlife refuges.  The creation of this envelope or cachet is to protect the wetlands in danger of the Gulf Oil Spill.  The envelope was unveiled on Tuesday at Ducks Unlimited’s Headquarters in Memphis, TN.