Sportsman’s Night Out Event!

Nothing But Raffles All Night Long!

Men ~ Women ~ Sporting Youth ~ All Are Welcome!


Guns ♦ Fishing Gear ♦ Turkey Gear ♦

Waterfowl Gear ♦ Deer Hunting Gear ♦ More


Chittenango Creek Chapter of Ducks Unlimited is proud to be sponsoring a Sportsman’s Night Out Event this year. $35 per person includes food, beer, soda, and a chance at the attendance raffle. Wear Camo or Blaze Orange for a chance to be entered into a FREE GUN RAFFLE.

When: Saturday, September 24th, 2011 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Where: Bridgeport Fire Department, Route 31, Bridgeport, NY. 13030

Contact Your Chittenango DU Rep for tickets at 687-7300 



Tickets Are Limited! Reserve Them Now! Reservation Deadline is September 20th!

Curious as to what you can expect? Besides beer, good food (we’re looking to have hot, top round sandwiches from a cutting station), soda, and entry into a raffle (probably gun) for just showing up you can expect some of the following:

  • Free raffle entry into a gun raffle for just wearing camo or blaze orange.
  • Super Bonus Raffle package.
  • Big Dog Raffle.
  • Two Gun Raffle, a chance to win one of two guns.
  • Winner Take All Raffle where the winner gets the whole table of items.
  • Blitz Raffle – A walk around raffle where the items will appeal to every form of outdoors men.
  • Tiered Raffle – A raffle where you get to choose where your ticket(s) goes. Dump them into one item to increase your chances or spread them around.
  • Dice Raffle – Buy-in to roll the dice. Your roll will get you that number of tickets.

Past attendees to our events should find a card coming to them in their mail soon. Remember to reserve the date.

Bridgeport Fire Department

Click on image to get directions to the Sportsman's Night Out.


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