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NOVA | The Meaning of Dog Barks

October 13, 2011 Leave a comment

NOVA | The Meaning of Dog Barks.

How good are you at deciphering the meaning behind a dog bark? Research suggests that we humans are pretty good. Go ahead and test yourself.



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Basset Hounds Running

July 4, 2011 Leave a comment

Basset Hounds Running: Pics, Videos, Links, News. Who doesn’t love a picture of their dog running?



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YouTube – Collie playing Snakes and Ladders

April 3, 2011 Leave a comment
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A 3 Part Audio Series by Canadian Broadcasting About Dog Communication

January 19, 2011 Leave a comment | Ideas | Dogs Themselves, Part 1 – 3.

Go to the above link to find out more about dogs & interspecies communication.  Interesting series if you have the time.

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Dog knows names for 1,022 items | Seattle Times Newspaper

January 19, 2011 Leave a comment

Living | Dog knows names for 1,022 items | Seattle Times Newspaper.

The article above is about a South Carolina dog named Chaser, a female border collie.  Chaser’s owner, John Pilley, is a psychologist who got intrigued with what a dog could understand of human language.  Some years before he came across news of a border collie in Germany who was taught to recognize 200 items by name.  Pilley wondered if the dog’s understanding of language had any connection to our own understanding.

To that end Chaser was taught 1,022 proper nouns.  This number is not the known limit of Chaser’s vocabulary. It’s simply that Chaser’s owner just got tired of teaching nouns, and he moved on to grammar and verbs.  By the end of the training Chaser learned to paw, fetch, and nose an object.  The most interesting aspect is that she also could pick out an object not in her vocabulary if it was among items she did know.

But is she truly using vocabulary?  It’s been shown before that border collies and other animals pick up on subtle cues from their owners in order to arrive at a “right” answer.

John Pilley worked to overcome many of these problems by sending Chaser to retrieve items in another room so that his signals would not affect the dog’s choices.  But still, there is doubt that what Chaser is doing even reflects what a human child does.  The dog, some say, learned by brute repetition.  The true miracle is that an owner had the patience to teach her.

I’m of the opinion that all animals have their own forms of communication.  Like in the link I gave to the podcast discussing animal communication and how it’s more complicated and articulate than we ever imagined, dogs do have the ability to communicate across species.

Think of that the next time you pick up your dog’s leash because you just know they’ve got to do their business.

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David Rothenberg, An Artist, Studies The Pointer

October 13, 2010 Leave a comment

David Rothenberg.

This site came up on my radar recently.  The link above is to a 2005 exhibition where Rothenberg had digital frames hung on the wall.  In each a pointer stands rigid as the background around the dog moves in the wind.  From the site:

Pointers explores a limbo state between moving and static images. Digital video loops made from found 16mm films depict hunting dogs on point, remaining motionless within moving landscapes.

Like taxidermic statues, the pointer’s controlled posture mimics the fate of their prey and the near stillness of a photograph. Impending violence and death is displaced from the frame of the image and suspended in time.

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“The Rookie” DU Print Available For Bidding at Kim’s Diner

September 5, 2010 Leave a comment

Bid on this beautiful DU print at Kim's Cicero Family Diner

A new print went up on Saturday, September 4th at Kim’s Cicero Family Diner.  I encourage everyone to stop by and to have a peek at it.  In the picture a young lab lays among a pile of decoys at the bottom of a boat.  A look of eagerness fills his face.

The address for Kim’s Diner is:

Kim’s Cicero Family Dinner
8319 Brewerton Road
Cicero, NY. 13039-9463

Get directions to the diner here.

As always, we appreciate the local businesses who allow us to perform SBA fund raising at their shop or restaurant. If you’re at all interested in helping out your local chapter of Ducks Unlimited to raise funds and awareness, then contact your local chapter and find out if they’re doing Sealed Bid Auctions (SBA) in your area.

Find out more ways to help out including SBA by visiting Ducks Unlimited here.