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New Report Shows U.S. Wetland Losses Accelerating – Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership

October 30, 2011 Leave a comment

New Report Shows U.S. Wetland Losses Accelerating – Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership.

In essence, from 1998 to 2004 there was a net gain of 32,000 wetland acres per year. From 2004 to 2009 there was a net loss of 13,800 acres per year. Troubling figures for a country that’s looking to save more money by cutting funding for wetland conservation. What this means is that more of us in DU and other conservation groups needs to pick up our game.




We’ll be at the Bridgeport Fire Dept. this Thursday to Sell Tickets

September 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Don’t forget that you need to purchase your tickets to the Sportsman’s Night Out by September 20th. We’ll be out at the Bridgeport Fire Department this Thursday, September 15th to sell tickets. So come on by, park in the back of the building and come through the back door. We’ll be there.

$35 per ticket will get you in the door, entered into a raffle, and tons of food and drink. More information is here.

Sportsman’s Night Out Event Planned for Saturday, Sept 24th.

August 3, 2011 Leave a comment

Nothing But Raffles All Night Long!

Men ~ Women ~ Sporting Youth ~ All Are Welcome!


Guns ♦ Fishing Gear ♦ Turkey Gear ♦

Waterfowl Gear ♦ Deer Hunting Gear ♦ More


Chittenango Creek Chapter of Ducks Unlimited is proud to be sponsoring a Sportsman’s Night Out Event this year. $35 per person includes food, beer, soda, and a chance at the attendance raffle. Wear Camo or Blaze Orange for a chance to be entered into a FREE GUN RAFFLE.

When: Saturday, September 24th, 2011 from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Where: Bridgeport Fire Department, Route 31, Bridgeport, NY. 13030

Contact Your Chittenango DU Rep for tickets at 687-7300 



Tickets Are Limited! Reserve Them Now! Reservation Deadline is September 20th!

Curious as to what you can expect? Besides beer, good food (we’re looking to have hot, top round sandwiches from a cutting station), soda, and entry into a raffle (probably gun) for just showing up you can expect some of the following:

  • Free raffle entry into a gun raffle for just wearing camo or blaze orange.
  • Super Bonus Raffle package.
  • Big Dog Raffle.
  • Two Gun Raffle, a chance to win one of two guns.
  • Winner Take All Raffle where the winner gets the whole table of items.
  • Blitz Raffle – A walk around raffle where the items will appeal to every form of outdoors men.
  • Tiered Raffle – A raffle where you get to choose where your ticket(s) goes. Dump them into one item to increase your chances or spread them around.
  • Dice Raffle – Buy-in to roll the dice. Your roll will get you that number of tickets.

Past attendees to our events should find a card coming to them in their mail soon. Remember to reserve the date.

Conservation groups say budget cuts would be epic |

April 3, 2011 Leave a comment

The Star Tribune in Minneapolis/St. Paul has a brief overview of what the budget cuts by the feds are going to look like.  Among the proposals of the House proposed budget are:

  • Eliminate funding for the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA) grant program, which over 20 years has protected about 26 million acres of waterfowl habitat in public-private partnerships with landowners, states and groups like Pheasants Forever. Those partners matched the $1 billion in federal allocations with another $2.3 billion.
  • Trims $400 million — 90 percent — from the Land and Water Conservation Fund, which comes from offshore oil and gas royalties that, since 1964, have gone to provide recreation and protect parks, forest and wildlife areas. Supporters say the fund generates $4 in economic value for every $1 invested.
  • Cuts 50,000 acres from the federal Wetland Reserve Program, which pays landowners to protect, restore and enhance wetlands. Enrollment would be capped at about 202,000 acres.

These proposals are not finalized. It is important that if you’re concerned about wetland protection and the clean water act that you let your representatives know your feelings. You can discover who your representatives are by going to  From there you’ll enter in your zip code to find your lawmakers.

via Conservation groups say budget cuts would be epic |

Sportsmen oppose cuts in House funding bill | Great Falls Tribune |

March 31, 2011 Leave a comment

Among programs that face substantial budget cuts or total elimination are the North American Wetlands Conservation Fund, farm bill conservation programs, the Land and Water Conservation Fund, State and Tribal Wildlife Grants and the Clean Water Act.

“These programs not only protect hunting and fishing access for sportsmen and women, but they are also foundational to fish and wildlife habitat conservation, and stimulate local economies by creating jobs, particularly in rural communities,” said Ben Lamb of the Montana Wildlife Federation.

Budget cuts are not pretty. When there isn’t any money, there isn’t any money. The problem comes to where you put your priorities. Decide wrong and you put future generations at risk.

Take the time to find out who represents you in Washington and let them know how you feel about these issues and how they will affect you and your community. (Click here, put in your zip code, and find out who your reps are.)

Act now. If you don’t, who will?

via Sportsmen oppose cuts in House funding bill | Great Falls Tribune |

Wetlands for Tomorrow Campaign :: Ducks Unlimited’s Initiative Has Done Much But Is Looking to Do More

March 12, 2011 Leave a comment

If you haven’t seen the following in your email inbox, please take the moment to look at it here. Ducks Unlimited’s Wetlands for Tomorrow Campaign is doing great things, and its because of the work of volunteers, supporters, and contributors like you.

Dear Ducks Unlimited Supporter,

Thank you. You answered the call and stood up for waterfowl, for our waterfowling tradition, for our legacy to future generations.

During the seven-year Wetlands for Tomorrow campaign, we raised an amazing $1.88 billion, all for the world of waterfowl and wetlands conservation. With this support from people like you, 2 million acres have been conserved, more than 4,865 projects have been completed and our scientists have led well over 100 different research studies to understand the challenges that lay ahead.

Watch our Conservation Highlights video to see the range and scope of the work that your support makes possible. Join us to hear Jim Kennedy, former president of Wetlands America Trust and lifelong champion for Ducks Unlimited, as he kicked off the largest and now most successful campaign in conservation history.

Your investment has helped expand Ducks Unlimited’s conservation efforts in some of the following areas:

• Protection of the Duck Factory — Thousands of acres of seasonal wetlands and native grasslands have been protected, ensuring the future of North America’s most important waterfowl breeding area.

• Restoration of the Gulf of Mexico — With your help we worked to restore and protect the marshes and bays of the Gulf of Mexico.

• Positive public policies to benefit waterfowl prevailed — Philanthropists like you made the call to Washington to support smart legislation for wetlands.

From the grasslands and oceans to the rivers and lakes, you made the difference. Thank you for answering the call. Thank you for taking a stand to protect our irreplaceable natural treasures.

You are one of a million supporters, a strong force for nature. Today our wetlands face new pressures – looming federal budget cuts that would adversely affect all of us who care about, and have funded, wetlands and waterfowl conservation. As conservationists we will continue to answer every call to do the critical work that will protect our vanishing wetlands. With your steadfast support, I have every confidence we will continue to succeed.

Thank you for making Wetlands for Tomorrow a triumph for Ducks Unlimited!

Sincerely yours,

Jim West
Chief Fundraising Officer

On behalf of Chittenango Creek Chapter of Ducks Unlimited, thank you for what you’ve done thus far. We look forward to doing even more in the coming months and years.



A New Print is Up At Herb Phillipsons — Bidding Ends Feb. 6th

January 12, 2011 Leave a comment

A beautiful print by Reese

This beautiful print is now up for bidding at Herb Phillipsons.  The piece is called “Weedy Draw — Ring Necked Pheasants”.  The scene is that of farmland.  The sky is big and blue, and the land is gently rolling prairie.  In the distance is a windmill, a barn, and a storage shed.  Near the you, the observer, four pheasants have been startled and are taking flight in different directions.  The observer could be a hunter or someone out for a walk around the farm.

The artist is Maynard Reece.  He was born in 1920 and grew up in Northwestern Iowa.  He’s won many awards and he contributes his time and resources to many conservation groups.  His artwork has been highly praised for its accuracy in an animal’s colorization, placement of feathers, plants within the animals habitat, etc.  Even if you don’t intend to bid on this piece I recommend that you take the time to come out and see it.  It is gorgeous.

As with all SBA prints a reserve price must be met.  The minimum bid for this piece is $100.