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Nesting Eagles :: Must Be Spring

It is Spring and the official, live feeds of nesting animals are in full swing. One of the first is from EagleCam | BioDiversity Research Institute. The link  will take you to a page with a live feed of nesting eagles. The nest is in Maine, and after a commercial, the feed will start. There’s also a highlights reel.

There’s another link to a live video feed from Alcoa. It is located here: http://www.alcoa.com/locations/usa_davenport/en/info_page/eaglecam.asp

Plus there’s this one in Iowa. You do have to sit through a quick ad but it’s a good shot of nesting eagles. http://www.ustream.tv/decoraheagles.  This last one is one of the best currently. Three eggs have hatched when the average is to have one or two per nest. The parents have been busy too with the delivery of fish, rabbit, mouse, and other assorted critters being brought to the nest. In addition there’s a sibling rivalry going on with the oldest bullying the youngest.

As the month progresses there will be more live feeds.  Continue to search your favorite search engine for more to come up.

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