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City Tax Money Funding Duck Jam Concerts

Your Tax Money Funding Duck Jam Concerts.

College Station, Texas is supporting the fundraising efforts of their Ducks Unlimited Chapter by waiving fees for them to use the city’s concert venue, the amphitheater at Wolf Penn Creek.  Not only is the town waiving the rental fee but they’re also forgoing their concession fees as well.  This is a big burden on a small town that’s feeling the economic woes like everyone else. But their hope is that supporting DU & this event they’ll be filling hotel beds and putting people into area restaurants. The city has entered into this agreement for the next 5 years.

The first year that the College Station DU chapter put on the event DU Magazine made mention that they brought in nearly $500,000 for the ducks. This was back around 2005.

If you know of anyone in the Texas area who likes good music, good food, and a good time you might want to tell them about the event.

Duck Jam has a Facebook page here.

More information can be found here.

Even if you can’t go, please get the word out and help drive up attendance. Do it for the ducks and the wetlands. Do it for College Station, TX.


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