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How Protected Are U.S. Waterways? | Field & Stream

How Protected Are U.S. Waterways? | Field & Stream.

This Field & Stream article discusses two court cases that challenged the scope of the Clean Water Act that was signed into law back in 1972.  The two cases went all the way to the Supreme Court, and the court in reviewing the law determined that the law protected only navigable waterways.  This of course leaves creeks, marshes, prairie potholes, and many other wet areas unprotected under the current law.

After the court’s decision it was felt that the state’s would step in and pick up the slack and fulfill the original intent of the Clean Water Act, a law which was signed into being by a Republican President and that had the overwhelming backing of the population at large.

But sadly the state’s have not stepped in to fill this void left by the Supreme Court’s decision. And currently there’s legislation at the Federal level that looks to bring the Clean Water Act back to its original mandate of keeping pollution out of the environment.

This is an interesting article  at Field & Stream.  And it deserves a read.

Any thoughts out there as to whether the Clean Water Act is too restrictive or whether it should be strengthened back to its 1970s level?

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