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Squirrel Fishing

Some years ago, in the infancy of the Internet, I came across a personal post where college kids were fishing for squirrels in their downtime between classes.  The photos were of them throwing out lines with bait and luring the squirrels.  The two had a points system based on how close you could get the squirrel to come to you before it’s fear would make it let go of the bait and run away.

Now it’s Web2.x time and there seems to be quite a large group of people into the whole Squirrel Fishing Sport. Today’s version is based on lifting the squirrel up in the air.  Catch a video of what is entailed below:

For anyone interested in even more Squirrel Fishing Shenanigans you can check out the official Squirrel Fishing website at http://www.squirrelfishing.us/

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