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Got Duck Stamps? | Operation Delta Duck

Got Duck Stamps? | Operation Delta Duck.

Ever wonder how the Duck Stamp got started?  Rebecca O’Connor gives a brief synopsis at her blog and discusses how in the midst of a depression and during the dust bowl years hunters asked the Federal Government to tax them $1 a year to protect the duck’s habitat.  It turned out to be the most successful conservation program imaginable.

And what did $1 buy during the depression?  It bought meat, eggs, butter, flour, and enough food to last a week.  If you were to look at old copies of the NY Times from the depression you would see advertisements for men’s fine suits selling for $19.75.  A pair of lined gloves would go for $1.98.  Socks sold for $0.10.

Think about it.  During a time of economic uncertainty people thought enough about the loss of habitat and the decline of species to want to protect them and ensure that their grandkids would be able to experience them.  (This about the same time that DU was being formed in its earliest form too.)

What is amazing too is that the Federal Duck Stamp program is incredibly efficient.  That’s not something that can be said about too many Federal Programs.  98 cents out of every dollar goes to buy or lease wetland habitat for protection.

Whether you hunt or not, purchasing Duck Stamps makes sense.

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