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NY Times Article About New York Planning to Kill Geese Was Misleading….

You’d have to have lived under a rock since late July not to have stumbled upon this story.  On July 23rd, 2010 the NEW YORK TIMES released an article making the impression that the city and state of New York was planning to capture 170,000 birds and gas them.  Then they were going to dispose of the bodies. (In Canada was it?)

This had all of the TV stations, blogosphere, and social media sites all a twitter with the news.  It popped up on my local station off and on during the local news hours for several days.

And then the local station took less than two minutes one day to say that the NY DEC is not planning to do such a thing.  THAT PART you probably missed.  Even today in looking at the blogosphere there’s still talk about the upcoming goose gassings and what a horrible thing it is.

To set the record straight here’s what the NY DEC has to say:

Wildlife staff and others have been responding to a statewide media flurry and countless calls and e-mails caused by a story about Canada geese published in the New York Times on July 23rd. That story gave readers an incorrect impression that DEC was planning to capture and kill geese on an unprecedented scale. On the contrary, there are absolutely no plans by DEC or others to capture, euthanize and bury 170,000 local-nesting or “resident” geese to achieve the statewide population goal of 85,000 birds.

You can read more about DEC and their plans for goose management here.

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