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What Does Your Donation Do at Ducks Unlimited?

A breakdown of where your dollar goes when you give to Ducks Unlimited

Ducks Unlimited is an extremely efficient charity.  Charity Navigator’s site follows where the cash goes when you donate to Ducks Unlimited. It breaks down as follows:

  • Program Expenses = 88.6% ~ This is the meat & potatoes of DU, the wetland conservation and the other programs used to study & assist migratory birds.
  • Administrative Expense = 1.7% ~ The cost to pay DU’s scientists, maintain offices, etc.
  • Fundraising Expenses = 9.5% ~ The cost for chapter’s to run banquets, sell raffle tickets, purchase items, etc.
  • Fundraising Efficiency = $0.09 ~ I know this is a good number but don’t ask me to explain it.  Basically we spend only nine cents to raise a dollar.
  • Efficiency Rating = 38.86 ~ This is a great number and helps to give DU Four out of Four stars.

(Note: The graph to the left looks to have been created some time ago and does not reflect the current numbers.  It is, however, nice to know that efficiency with your dollar is a trend that’s been going on for a long time at Ducks Unlimited.)

The Chittenango Creek Chapter of DU has been noted for having high effieciencies when it comes to our fundraising efforts.  And although we like the kudos when it comes to that, it’s just as important for our fund raising events to be fun.

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