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Current News On the Gulf Oil Spill

Top Hat – 10 is still on and the well is closed for the time being.  The pressure in the well is slowly increasing, which is a good sign that the well still has integrity.  The signs that there was a methane leak in the area seems to have not been from the well.

The engineers and scientists might go for a static-kill of the well soon.  This would be a low pressure application of cement and slurry.  The top-kill that was attempted early on in the accident was under high pressure with a well that was actively spewing.  Evidence is suggesting that the static-kill might work.

Even if the well were killed for good right now, there’s still damage taking place to the environment and to the lives of the people living along the gulf.

During an open public forum with the Gulf Oil Spill Commission one man from Louisiana summed up the fears of the local population in a song.  Maybe you’ve seen it before.  In this video he talks about the possibility that Cajuns might have to move again.

THE NEW YORK TIMES has a video of the troubles faced by the Cajuns in the area.  The oil spill is destroying their way of life.  Some news outlets discuss that Cajuns are thinking of the next place they might be able to go.  The Acadians fled Canada when they were pushed out, the thinking goes, so why not again?

The Atakapa-Ishtak Tribe in Southern Louisiana has a lifestyle of living off of the land.  When times were tough they knew they could get what they needed from the gulf and from the bayou.  The only things they needed from the store was sugar and coffee.  But with the habitat threatened by oil they are going to have to leave in order to survive.

It is likely that in 10 years time ghost towns will dot the coast line of the Gulf.

Here’s Ducks Unlimited’s CEO Dale Hall commenting on the human tragedy.

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