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Birds flying right into oily morass of Gulf – USATODAY.com

Birds flying right into oily morass of Gulf – USATODAY.com.

It’s a few weeks later, but the big media outlets are finally catching on that the Gulf Oil Spill will affect more species as migratory birds begin their arrival to the Gulf.  As I and many others have mentioned online, DU is working to flood areas around the Gulf and create new wetlands.  Other groups are working on this as well.

The hope is that the new wetlands will be inviting to a good percentage of the birds and other wild life.  Deaths will still occur in the areas affected by oil, but the new habitat will hopefully save many birds.

To aid the birds too, DU is working with private land owners and local governments to greatly improve the food available in the birds’ migration paths.

Ducks Unlimited could use private donations now more than ever.  I encourage everyone to visit Ducks Unlimited’s Donation Page or volunteer with your local DU Chapter.

SIDE NOTE: If you’re wanting to make a donation and don’t belong do a local DU chapter, please consider making your donation through our link at DU.  In that way, you’re supporting DU and our chapter gets the recognition for it.  Thanks….

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